Do you have painful knots or tightness in your back?

Many specialists across a vast array of professions tell their clients/patients to use a tennis ball to work out stubborn muscle knots, or “trigger points” in their backs. Similar to massage therapy, using a tennis ball between your back and a hard surface is a fantastic way to provide the pressure needed to alleviate these painful areas. The tremendous annoyance associated with this practice is that the process itself will inevitably cause the ball to fall and/or scurry away. This incredibly aggravating certainty will cause you to continually chase the ball and concentrate more on your own balance between the ball and yourself, rather than focusing on applying pressure to your painful trigger points.

The Back Buddy© is an innovative, patented product that will allow you to utilize this recommended practice of rolling out your trigger points with a standard tennis ball without the frustration of having to incessantly retrieve a runaway. It is amazingly simple and can be applied by yourself nearly anywhere. No need to beg your spouse for an hour deep tissue massage, the Back Buddy© can be used in the car, on a plane, at the movie theater, against a chair, wall, or (in a pinch) the floor. You can easily position the ball on your painful knots and rest assured that the ball will not roll away.



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