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5 Fun Fall Exercises

We are officially now in the season of Autumn. The leaves are beginning to change, there is a chill in the air, and the days are getting shorter. Fall is not only a beautiful time of year, but a great time to get back into a consistent exercising routine, especially if you've had a summer of travel and other disruptions.

Fall is really the best season for many outdoor activities and exercises. There's probably no snow to shovel (yet) and you're not going to overheat quickly like you might in the sweltering days of summer.  
We've rounded up our Top 5 Fun Fall Exercises - see if you can do all 5 before the season ends!

1) Hiking - we will let you in on a secret...hiking is walking! Well, it all depends on how intense of a walk (or hike) you are looking for, but really taking a hike during the fall months is one of the best ways to get moving and enjoy the outdoors. If you live near trails or hills, this is an especially great choice of activity. Be sure to wear proper footwear on your hike - if you will be on rocky or muddy terrain, you'll need a good hiking shoe or boot to keep your grip. Here is a great list of options.

2) Biking - this isn't second on the list just because it rhymes with the first, in fact bicycling is second to none according to some! Well, in all seriousness, riding your bike in the fall is pure bliss. You get to check out the beautiful fall foliage, maybe plan a ride to an orchard and get some seasonal apple cider donuts. A pro tip about riding in this season, temperature changes can be tricky to anticipate - what feels warm at 4pm may quickly become chilly by 5pm, so be sure to bring some layers on your ride. Also, since the daylight starts to wane earlier in the day, making sure you are visible to motorists is critical. Wear a brightly colored vest like this one, and make sure your clothing and bike have reflective patches on them. 

3) Trail Running - if running is your thing, you already know fall is where it's at for PRs and PEs (personal enjoyment!). If you're a roadie, this is the season to mix things up. Go ahead and explore that trail you've been curious about, and better yet, bring a few friends and make it a social run! Trails in the fall months are so much fun and you feel like a kid again bounding around on twisties and switchbacks. The temperature is perfect this time of year for running and you'll warm up quickly so don't overdress on your way out the door. A light long sleeved jersey like this one will do the trick. 

4) Raking Leaves - ok, maybe not #1 on your list, but hey, someone has to rake the leaves in the yard, may as well make this your workout too! Actually, raking leaves for an hour can burn up to 900 calories! Getting your home chores done and banging out a workout all at once? now that's a win-win! Better yet, get the famly in on the fun and set up a challenge: divide the yard up into 4 sections and time yourself on how quickly you can rake and collect the leaves. That's your benchmark, now try to beat that time for each follow on section. Leaf Raking Time Trial - Fall's Biggest Trend of 2022 :) Just be sure to warm up properly with your Back Buddy before you get out there. Did you know you can use the Back Buddy to massage your spine and back muscles as a pre-workout buddy? It takes 2-3 minutes and your muscles will be loose and ready to go. 

5) Apple Picking! - Yes, we saved the best for last! Did you know that one of the season's fan favorites is also a fantastic exercise? Yes, apple picking at your local orchard, farm, etc., involves walking (hiking), carrying weights (baskets of apples), climbing ladders, and best of all, delicious and nutritious fuel!! This is seriously an all around great activity for fall. Here is a handy orchard finder for states (sorry Louisiana, North Dakota, and Wyoming) - check it out! Embrace the season to its fullest and don't delay - before you know it, Old Man Winter will be paying us a visit. 

Happy Fall!