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Health & Fitness Products We Love

At Back Buddy, we are all about keeping you pain free and happy. Life is stressful, and that stress can quickly accumulate in our bodies and make us stiff, tight, and uncomfortable. Using the Back Buddy daily keeps tension at bay (use at home, while driving, at the gym, etc.).

Here are some other great health and fitness products to keep you feeling healthy and happy, no matter what life throws at you.

1) Bosu Ball - the original balancing ball based stretching and strengthening device. Bosu revolutionized gym exercises by adding the challenge of maintaining balance. The full Bosu Ball is great for stretching out your back, and the half Bosu Balls are excellent for adding a challenge to push-ups, sqats, and many different routines. 


2) Theragun - pricey but worth it, the Theragun can actually simulate a deep tissue massage. It can be used for muscle recovery and to alleviate knots and tension in muscles. Just be careful not to push too deep and use it too much, otherwise your muscles will seize up.

3) Arca Rays - these amazing foot platforms transform any exercise into a balance challenge. Simply stand on the Arca Rays and instantly feel your core, back, and leg muscles activate to maintain balance. When paired with a resistance band, the Arca Rays system becomes a complete gym workout all in the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. There is no better bargain to get a full body workout than Arca Rays. It's truly "Fitness from the Ground Up."

4) Nutribullet - no matter how much exercise and recovery you give your body, there is no doubt that DIET really determines how you look and feel. Make healthy eating part of your daily routine easier by mixing up shakes filled with fruit, vegetables, natural fats, and proteins. This is why we love the Nutribullet. In seconds, whip up a delicious and nutritious shake to jump start your day or post-workout recovery. 

5) Magnesium Supplement - most adults in the US are actually deficient in magnesium. This critical nutrient is essential for muscle and bone health, but a nice side effect is the instant relaxation it provides to your body and mind. A teaspoon of magnesium in the evening will melt away the day's stress and set you up for a restful night's sleep. Be sure to check with your Doctor to make sure it's safe for you to incorporate daily magnesium supplementation into your diet. You'll thank us for this one! ;)


We hope you enjoy these suggestions. Let us know what you think!

- Your Friends at Back Buddy - We've Got your Back!