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Best Holiday Gift

Thanks to Famadillo for including the Back Buddy in the Holiday Gift Guide! Read all about it here:

How about a great gift item for someone who needs to eliminate tension in their back or neck?? I mean don’t we all need to relieve tension in our neck/back?

Back Buddy will do just that.  This is a trigger point massage tool that you can easily set up and use on a chair or the floor.  You then just lie or sit down and lean back.  You will actually feel the tension literally leave your body.  I didn’t believe it but my husband put it to the test and immediately was happier.

This is an amazing gift for anyone who works a desk job or does a lot of sitting in a chair or the car.

How does the magic exactly work? The product has these compression balls that alleviate muscle pain.  You can actually adjust the distance between the balls to suit your particular need/want.  It has this convenient strap that helps it stay on your chair or seat.  You can easily take this with you wherever you go (work/home/car/travel).

Check it out!